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This is how we're responding in Christchurch.

Coastal hazards

Climate change projections indicate that sea level rise and increased storminess will continue to change and shape our coastal environments.

As a city by the sea, coastal hazards as a result of these impacts, like flooding, erosion and rising groundwater are risks Christchurch City Council is planning for.

The first step in adapting to these challenges is understanding the risks. Christchurch City Council is in the early stages of carrying out a climate change risk assessment for the district, which will identify areas that will require planning to adapt to future conditions alongside communities. Christchurch City Council’s Coastal Hazards Adaptation Programme explains the approach to planning.

Anticipated effects of sea level rise on the city's water resources and related infrastructure are also being planned for through the Council's Te Wai Ora o Tāne Integrated Water Strategy.

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