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This is how we're responding in Hurunui.

Supporting more sustainable practices

The Hurunui District Council is establishing a sustainability strategy to lower its own carbon footprint. The most recent development has been the installation of solar panels on the Council building in Amberley. This strategy will also help individual staff members reduce their carbon footprint, through actions such as only using reusable coffee cups, and using active transport or carpooling to get to work.

To encourage wider sustainable practices, the Council is also supporting waste reduction and active transport in the community. Hurunui District Council and Hurunui Trails Trust are establishing safe cycling routes throughout the district to encourage bike riding, while clean recycling is supported through the Council's kerbside collection service.

Currently less than 1% of the district’s recycling is contaminated, due in part to the use of clear plastic bags rather than solid wheelie bins as well as the community's cleaning efforts.