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This is how we're responding in Waitaki.

Addressing challenges

Waitaki District Council has identified addressing environmental and climate change challenges as a key responsibility. The impacts of climate change are being considered in its work on strategies and plans, including its Long Term Plan, Infrastructure Strategy, Financial Strategy, Coastal Roads Strategy and District Plan.

  • Rural resilience

Waitaki District Council’s Rural Resilience Project was established in response to the increased frequency and severity of storm events. That work has improved drainage, strengthened water course embankments, cleaned out culverts and reinstated roadside swales.

  • Measuring emissions

Waitaki District Council’s inventory of its own greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 showed the organisation has negative net emissions, removing more greenhouse gases than it emits.

The three largest sources of emissions include wastewater treatment (36%), electricity consumption (30%), and landfill (13%).

Thanks to its extensive forestry assets, Waitaki District Council’s net emissions were -2,026 tonnes in the 2018/19 financial year.

This means that the Council is making a positive contribution overall towards mitigating climate change and by doing so acting on one of Council’s strategic priorities, to recognise and provide for the implications of climate change.