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This is how we're responding in Waitaki.

Oamaru Harbour Breakwater Project

Climate change projections indicate that sea level rise and increased storminess will continue to change and shape our coastal environments.

To protect Oamaru Harbour, the Waitaki District Council has invested in erosion prevention measures along Oamaru Harbour's breakwater. This has seen many tonnes of rock and concrete pods being placed along Oamaru Harbour’s breakwater in recent years to prevent its erosion.

Ongoing work has been required to repair cavities in the structure as they are impacted by heavy seas. In 2021, the Waitaki District Council approved $400,000 work for maintenance on the final unprotected section of Oamaru Harbour’s breakwater. This will place 6,500 tonnes of rock and concrete along the structure, critical to ensure ongoing protection of the harbour.