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While the uplift of the Kaikōura coastline's rocky platforms in the 2016 earthquake means that that sea level rise is not expected to be a problem in the short term, climate change still brings other challenges to prepare for.

Climate change projections show that the district will experience extreme weather events more frequently, and more hot days with fewer cold nights and frosts. There may be less rain, but heavier downpours. Autumn and winter will be milder, and summers will be drier and hotter.

Using knowledge gained from the November 2016 earthquake, Kaikōura District Council is proposing changes to the Natural Hazards chapter of the District Plan focusing on the effects of flooding, earthquakes, landslide debris and liquefaction.

The District Plan provides the rules for how people can build on or develop land and how the environment is managed. The proposed changes will improve community resilience and help protect their assets from changes happening in the environment.