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Who is supporting us to adapt to climate change in our region?

Together, Waitaha/Canterbury’s councils have pooled resources, knowledge and expertise for a stronger approach – a regional approach.

Because change starts here at home, in the place that matters most to us.

Environment Canterbury

Your regional council, Environment Canterbury, has responsibilities for managing use of natural resources – the region’s air, soils and water, as well as how land use affects our environment. This includes our coastal, agricultural, urban, industrial and recreational environments. It also manages biodiversity, public transport and what we do about natural hazards, including civil defence emergencies.

Environment Canterbury's role is also to support the region and our communities to better understand and proactively respond to climate change risks and opportunities.

Environment Canterbury truck with river and bridge in background

A climate change integration programme was included in Environment Canterbury's 2018-28 Long-Term Plan, ensuring climate change is actively considered across workstreams, increasing visibility of the science and impact of climate change on Waitaha/Canterbury. This includes working with iwi and regional partners, other local authorities, and central government.

Adaptation work is taking place across these key areas:

  • Biodiversity
  • Biosecurity
  • Natural hazards
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Leadership and Mana Whenua

Territorial Authorities

Waitaha/Canterbury’s district and city councils have responsibilities for a wide range of local services including transport planning, waste management, providing network infrastructure such as water and sewerage, controlling the effects of land use and providing recreational and community amenities.