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Rising temperatures


As greenhouse gases increase, so do temperatures – both here in Waitaha/Canterbury and around the world. Continuing to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at our current rate will mean that average temperatures in Waitaha/Canterbury could be up to 1.5°C warmer by 2040, and up to 3.5°C warmer by 2090.

Temperature increases are likely to be even greater in the mountains and high country, where by 2090, if no action is taken, average spring and summer maximum temperatures could soar as much as 6°C higher than today's average.

Small temperature increases make a big difference. With just a 0.5°C-1.5°C increase, we'll see impacts here in Waitaha/Canterbury, with many more hot and dry periods in spring and summer.

Rising temperatures trigger other changes too. Rainfall patterns and growing seasons shift, droughts and fires become more likely, and there will be less snow and fewer frosts.

While that might sound like we'll get more beach or BBQ days, rising temperatures can be bad for our water supply, plants, animals and homes.

If we all make a real effort to cut emissions, it's possible that we can limit warming in Waitaha/Canterbury beyond 2030.



Climate change can result in more severe rainfall events which are likely to result in more floods, while extreme winds are also expected to increase over the next century.